Tuesday, June 09, 2009

making old traditions new

My love of weddings started early because my first job was as a caterer at the local golf course which hosted about 60% of our town's wedding receptions. Each weekend (sometimes twice a weekend) I got to see an entirely different approach to the traditional wedding reception. Each couple had a different style, theme, or idea for their big day and it was interesting to see how they each took the same space and made something completely different out of it.

These days it seems that weddings are becoming more tailored to the individual style of the bride and groom. The creativity and do-it-yourself-ness can be overwhelming but creates some great new takes on some old traditions.

Why stick to just one style of wedding cake when you can choose several? Or why have cake at all? It is becoming customary to use family recipes and serve bundt cake, angelfood cake, pie, or pound cake at receptions. The left from Zack and Lauren's lovely rustic wedding, who also served cookies and milk shots to guests. The right is from OnceWed as well.

Fabric backdrops are popping up to spruce up the traditional required posed pictures. This one is from Lena Corwin's wedding which was featured on Martha Stewart. As the first impression that your guests get of your upcoming wedding, the wedding invitation lays the groundwork for the theme or feeling of your event. I see a definite shift from the traditional wedding suite to more creative look at what you can accomplish with paper and unusual goods. This invitation is from the wedding of designer/illustrator Anna Bond of Rifle Design. (Go look at her cake, it is the world's greatest cake!)

Unique wedding favors to thrill guests. From OnceWed

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