Wednesday, May 27, 2009

shop update

Hand carved Mustach-io Rubber Stamps just posted on my etsy shop. You can see that everything looks better with a mustache! (or sadly, not)

Styles offered: The The Trucker, The Connoisseur, The Undercover Brother, and The Porn Star. More styles to come...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

chanel numéro cinq

To me, the Chanel name means chic, sophisticated and worldly. The new Chanel mini-movie is breathtaking. I've always had a bit of a crush on Audrey Tautou and love absolutely everything she does. I think she is a lovely choice for Chanel and wish I enjoyed the scent enough to wear it myself. The movie makes me want to hop on a trip and travel across Europe. Watch it here.

And doesn't it sound so much more beautiful when in french...Chanel numéro cinq.

Monday, May 18, 2009

the curse of a rental

One of the downfalls of renting are the overwhelming white walls that I must live with. I have always relied on wall color to be the main focus of my rooms, but I have had to learn how to make the most of my furniture and accessories. In my own apartment I am far from succeeding when it comes to embracing white interiors but the following interiors get it just right. I hope that if I stare at them enough just an ounce of their loveliness might wear off on my own apartment.

I am finding the key might be pulling in white accessories to make the white look more planned. I notice that each of the pictures that I like have additional white elements in the room. I think I have always shied away from buying MORE white items, afraid that I would turn my apartment into too sterile an environment.

L: Sneak Peak of Malene Charles' home at Design*Sponge R: Home of Karly Depew on Design*Sponge

Clockwise: Design*Sponge Sneak Peak of Andrew Sidford's home, Desire to Inspire, Design*Sponge Sneak Peak of the home of Chad Maltby of Sandbox Studio.

From Desire to Inspire

From Desire to Inspire

Sunday, May 17, 2009

sandal season

One of my favorite things about summer is the summer sandals that become a stable of my wardrobe. Here are just a few pairs that I am currently eyeing.

L-R: Urban Outfitters, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie

L-R: Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, Urban Outfitters

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a bit of a brown thumb

One family trait which I did not inherit is a green thumb. My mother's knack for killing plants was the butt of many jokes growing up, but next to me she is a regular Martha Stewart. The bf is quite the gardener, and when he visits he takes pity on my plants and tries to doctor them up. This past weekend, in addition to stocking up on plant food, I also added 2 new plants to my little, green family.

My new additions are a beautiful Sea Pink Splendens and a Stevia plant. I just love that the Splendens have grass along with it! It's just like having a little piece of yard inside!

We'll see how long I can keep them healthy.

the splendens

my Stevia plant

Maybe it's better if I just stick to my dried flowers.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

new etsy item

I just finished a new item for my etsy shop. It is a cross stitched blue bird sitting on a branch. I've become intrigued by cross stitch because when completed it is a pixelated version of the image. I look forward to playing around with it using more modern images. This is my first attempt at cross stitch since I was little and would do it as my 4-H project. I stitched it from a custom pattern I created using the image and graph paper. I'm proud of it for my first try and I also think I worked out a lot of the kinks I encountered along the way.

the art of writing

As much of a font nut as I am I will always have a soft spot for the handwritten word. I think it makes things look more personal and gives work a special feel that cannot be matched by computerized text. I am not a fan of fake handwritten font either. It's just not fooling anyone and has a tendency to look a little tacky.

I've been working on my own calligraphy lately and am inspired by the unique styles that have surfaced that separate themselves from the typical calligraphy style that is reminiscent of the illuminated manuscripts that I studied in art history. I like the current trend of calligraphy representing your personality just as an individual's handwriting does. Whether illustrating playfulness, elegance, or timelessness, you really have the ability to match the style specifically to the project.

Some examples of my favorite work are below. They are all inspiring my own study of calligraphy.

Addressed envelope calligraphy by Love, Jenna from Love, Jenna's blog

Wedding Program by Rifle Design from

Wedding Invite by Rifle Design from

left: Crystal Kluge lettering from right: Penelope Dullaghan from