Wednesday, January 27, 2010

decisions, decisions

I swear I've been on the duvet cover search since 2007. The options seem to always fall into one of two categories, ridiculously expensive or bland and boring. I've fallen in love with a few but hesitated just long enough for them to sell out. My current cover used to be yellow but has faded to a off-white and now blends into my bedroom's off-white walls. My search has led me to these two beautiful but drastically different styles. You have to just picture the left duvet cover in a chocolate brown; they didn't have a good photo. I was elated to happen upon the first one because Anthropologie had similar bedding about 1 1/2 years ago and I couldn't justify spending $200 on it. Compared to that, this one from West Elm is a steal! The right one is from Urban Outfitters and is just so perfectly vintage that I think it could spice of my otherwise sparse bedroom. Ohhh the dilemna!

Monday, January 25, 2010

the avett brothers

My favorite group, The Avett Brothers, performed on Austin City Limits on Sunday night. I totally spaced and missed it but caught it online today. I'm looking forward to getting to see them live again in a few weeks, but this will help tide me over until then. Go here to see a spectacular performance.

Monday, January 18, 2010

the regal twelve

This gem has been sitting in my inbox for weeks and I can't believe it's taken me this long to share it. Photographer Alexia Sinclair created this beautiful series featuring "histories most fascinating women" using a combination of photographic and illustrative elements. Included with each photograph is a brief history of the woman and a little background to educate you about the corresponding beauty. The whole series is well worth an extended gander.

Elizabeth I - The Virgin Queen, Elizabeth Báthory - Countess of Blood, Marie Antionette - The Extravagant Queen

Saturday, January 09, 2010

mad men fashion

I'm in the midst of catching up on my Mad Men, and am thoroughly obsessed. So much so that I have gotten NOTHING accomplished this week. Like so many others, the 60s fashion makes me drool. I love how each character's personality comes through in their dress and the detail and personal style is apparent down to every last individual secretary. Mad Men has made such an impact on this season's trends that the influence of the 60s is everywhere. If you want to dress like Mad Men's three leading ladies, here are a couple of outfits to get you started.

Betty Draper – Her flowery house dresses and lavish Manhattan dinner gowns make her a housewife to be envied. Furthermore, I lust after her riding boots each time she goes for a ride.
Rose-Print Sally Dress from Fred Flare / Saving Lace Coat from Modcloth / Ralph Lauren "Stara" Riding Boots from Bloomingdale's / Ariat Challenge Field Boot from Equestrian Collections

Peggy Olson – Dressing for the office never looked so good. Peggy's style gets better with every episode, as does her ability to handle the boys.
Fifties Sitcom Dress / Cinnamon Girl Dress / Dewey Decimal Dress, all from Modcloth / Stop Staring Dress from Unique Vintage / Style Promotion Dress from Modcloth Miss Darling Dress from Modcloth

Joan Harris – Who knew the hourglass figure could get an even bigger boost. Living vicariously through Joan is guaranteed to never be boring.
Sally Jane Dress / Plum-Perfect Posies Dress / Showstopper Dress,
all from ModCloth,