Tuesday, December 01, 2009

christmas wish list

The holidays are officially here and my holiday shopping is in full swing. I was inspired by the Design*Sponge editors' gift guides and decided to create my own.


  1. the sky planter.. is it a tomato plant? because i saw a tomato plant like that this weekend at the outlet stores.

  2. How funny!

    I have been off the blog radar for many weeks now. Just got back into BlogTown.

    Came back in for a visit here and look what was on your wish list! A yellow girlie butter dish....I received her in red for Christmas from my children! I squealed in delight.

    Merry Happy Jolly New Year!

  3. Meg- The topsy-turvy planter is the tomato one. The sky planter is a ceramic planter that hangs the plant upside down and it reminds me of the tomato ones, however, you can plant whatever you like in them.

    Heather- I'm in love with my butter dish as well. It makes me happy each time I open my refrigerator door!