Thursday, February 10, 2011

adventures in cooking: macaroni and cheese

This is my comfort-food-that-can't-go-wrong meal that I make in large quantities. Substitutions and additions can be made to easily change this recipe up but I tend to prefer the good 'ol standard that I loved growing up. Our family's secret ingredient is using Vermont's Cabot cheese and in my case, giant noodles (I prefer cavatappi or large elbow macaroni). This week I made an entire pan of mac & cheese and ate it for 7 days straight...I feel like I need to clarify that it wasn't for every meal. After several years I have perfected my macaroni and cheese technique to the point where I don't have any problems with the final product. The key is the dissolving of the salt, it used to get me every time. Not any more!



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