Friday, September 16, 2011

adventures in cooking: bbq chicken pizza

I make homemade pizza on a regular basis. It has become a standard for me as a way to keep my leftover veggies from going to waste, yet it has never crossed my mind to try my hand at BBQ chicken pizza even though it is one of my favorite kinds to order. I pinned this recipe of The Pioneer Woman not too long ago which gave me the idea. I didn't use her recipe exactly but it was definitely the starting point for my creation.

First off, I know my limits and I stick to buying pizza crust in a tube. It makes the idea of making pizza a little less daunting. I cooked two chicken breasts in the oven for 25 minutes like her recipe calls for and used my personal favorite, Sweet Baby Ray's barbeque sauce. While that baked I prepared (rolled out) the crust and spread a little olive oil and kosher salt on the crust before adding the toppings. Go easy on the oil or else the crust will be soggy and don't skimp on the salt, it truly makes the pizza! I was working with what I happened to have in my fridge so my ingredients differ slightly from what she suggests. I ended up using mozzarella cheese, sliced jalapenos, and sliced red onion. I chopped up the chicken once it was done and rolled it around in the barbeque sauce to make sure every piece was nice and covered before spreading it on the pizza. It was delicious although it did seem like it was missing a little something. A little bit of scallions or cilantro like The Pioneer Woman's recipe called for might have have been just the thing.

Overall, it was tremendously delicious and incredibly filling!

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