Thursday, February 23, 2012

anatomy of a birthday box

My mother sends some pretty strange care packages. Not strange in a bad way; quite the opposite in fact! I caught her at the grocery store right before she sent it so I was loaded up with all the random items I was running out of in addition to all the birthday goodies she was sending.

Two boxes came within the same week and I do not get mail easily at my apartment. My mailman is not the most proactive deliverer, therefore, I have to anticipate his arrival and track down anything larger than my mail slot. I got to know my mailman quite well this week!

Pixar stamps
White cake mix and frosting – my fave!
Contact solution
Filter for my water pitcher – I'm TERRIBLE about changing those
Peanut butter – she singlehandedly keeps me stocked with pb
Candles – for the cake
Coffee – lots of it!
A bag of mini snickers
1 box of thin mint Girl Scout cookies
A bag of chocolate chips
A bag of Reese's peanut butter chips
Paper towels

Now that was just box one. Box two was a little stranger. I can only assume that she just started loading it with random stuff at a certain point to fill it up.

Another box of thin mint Girl Scout cookies
Lofthouse sugar cookies
Lettuce wrap sauce – ???
A large can of olive oil
Lysol wipes
Peanut butter
Chocolate chips
Granola bars
Peanut butter M&Ms
Random make-up samples
Dried mushrooms – ???
Crispy caramel apple chips

I'm not sure what this list says about me?


  1. Yes, Mom's care packages are the best. It is always amusing to see what gets included. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM! xoxo

  2. I have a recipe for you to use up those dried mushrooms, but you're on your own for lettuce wrap sauce.

  3. Yeah, I have no idea what to use them for so any recipes would be greatly appreciated!