Monday, April 27, 2009

home with the sniffles and sneezes

I am home sick this afternoon (as is my big sister) and am enjoying having all my windows thrown open. I am waiting for the bubblegum children's cold medicine that I just took to kick in and stop my incessant sneezing and runny nose. In an effort to forget how lousy I feel I decided to focus on all the things that are currently making me happy.

10. Yesterday I finally succumb to my overflowing laundry hamper and empty refrigerator and did my laundry and some grocery shopping. This means I have fresh orange juice to help fight my cold and fresh fruit, but also drying laundry hanging in every free location in my apartment!

9. This weekend the bf and I took mini road trip to Cincinnati to Great American Ballpark for a Reds game. Although the reds didn't play particularly well it was the perfect day for baseball!

8. Last week I bought a lovely dress pattern that I'm just looking for a free moment to make!

7. It's almost MAY!!

6. My herbs are sprouting!! Well, 2 out of 3 anyway. I was skeptical whether they would do well in my window but everyday I see that they have grown just a little more.

5. I have Thursday off of work. (For now, we'll see if that lasts)

4. The Masterpiece Theater mini-series on PBS Little Dorrit. I've watched it the past 4 Sundays and am sad that it is now over. I just found out, however, that for a limited time you can watch full episodes on PBS.

3. Having a reason to browse all the fabulous wedding blogs out there! My two best friends are planning weddings and I get to help!

2. I have a long list of great projects for weddings, family, and my etsy shop. I'm even starting to teach myself calligraphy!

1. I am spending my afternoon browsing through my evernote images for inspiration to design my BFF's wedding invites for her southern inspired wedding in August. For further inspiration I even drove across town to the only bookstore that carried Southern Weddings to pick up my very own copy of their premiere issue. I felt a little judged by the salesman who I could tell snuck a peak at my ring finger.

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