Thursday, May 07, 2009

the art of writing

As much of a font nut as I am I will always have a soft spot for the handwritten word. I think it makes things look more personal and gives work a special feel that cannot be matched by computerized text. I am not a fan of fake handwritten font either. It's just not fooling anyone and has a tendency to look a little tacky.

I've been working on my own calligraphy lately and am inspired by the unique styles that have surfaced that separate themselves from the typical calligraphy style that is reminiscent of the illuminated manuscripts that I studied in art history. I like the current trend of calligraphy representing your personality just as an individual's handwriting does. Whether illustrating playfulness, elegance, or timelessness, you really have the ability to match the style specifically to the project.

Some examples of my favorite work are below. They are all inspiring my own study of calligraphy.

Addressed envelope calligraphy by Love, Jenna from Love, Jenna's blog

Wedding Program by Rifle Design from

Wedding Invite by Rifle Design from

left: Crystal Kluge lettering from right: Penelope Dullaghan from

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