Friday, July 10, 2009

cruisin' in style

I've been on the lookout for a basket to make using my bike more convenient. My inability to carry things is what keeps me from riding my bike to the store or on other errands. Searching online I found a couple of great options and am trying to narrow it down. My bike is a blue cruiser that, sadly, looks its age. I can't decide between a metal or wicker basket, and also can't decide whether it should attach to my handlebars or to the rear rack.

I think #4 is by far my favorite but has the largest price tag, which is a huge mark against him. Maybe I can find a budget-friendly version of him out there...

The top contenders are...
1. Front Willow Wicker Basket from ComCycle USA $29.95 2. Wald Giant Delivery Basket from The Bike Shack $49.99, (21"x 15" x 9") 3. Cynthia's Twigs European Wicker Bike Baskets from Tahoe Mountain Sports $39.95-69.95, available in a variety of sizes 4. Basil Pasja Rear Wicker Bike Basket from Tahoe Mountain Sports $82.95 5. Wald Folding Rear Grocery Basket found via Amazon $34.99/set of 2, available in black, white and chrome

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