Tuesday, August 04, 2009

i could buy a whole new wardrobe here

My sister turned me on to my new favorite site, Mod Cloth. I'm in search of a dress to wear for all my upcoming wedding celebrating. I found a few options along with a few more that I just really like. I fell in love with everything and most is pretty affordable although some items are a little on the pricey side (for me). I'm thinking 2 or maybe 6...or maybe some more shopping is in order. Wouldn't 5 be the perfect dress for work?

1. The Black Lodge Dress 2. Spring Benefit Dress 3. Darling by Day Dress 4. Prep School Dress 5. Polo Match Dress, 6. Mulberry Dress

They even have adorable shoes. Can you tell I really love mary janes? I'm in search of a black pair to wear with my bridesmaid dress but really want something a little different. I don't want just any pair of black shoes. My search didn't come up with a whole lot of wedding shoes, but definitely some others I would splurge on!

(Carriage Ride Wedges, Black Mirror Wedges, Stone Cold Mary Janes, Plump Pump in Sapphire, Double Heel-ixs)

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