Wednesday, January 27, 2010

decisions, decisions

I swear I've been on the duvet cover search since 2007. The options seem to always fall into one of two categories, ridiculously expensive or bland and boring. I've fallen in love with a few but hesitated just long enough for them to sell out. My current cover used to be yellow but has faded to a off-white and now blends into my bedroom's off-white walls. My search has led me to these two beautiful but drastically different styles. You have to just picture the left duvet cover in a chocolate brown; they didn't have a good photo. I was elated to happen upon the first one because Anthropologie had similar bedding about 1 1/2 years ago and I couldn't justify spending $200 on it. Compared to that, this one from West Elm is a steal! The right one is from Urban Outfitters and is just so perfectly vintage that I think it could spice of my otherwise sparse bedroom. Ohhh the dilemna!


  1. umm ikea has some pretty awesome duvet covers that are pretty reasonable. Their website shows some alright ones i feel like they have better ones in the store or at least they did when i went last.

  2. You do not understand my excitement for Ikea! I will definitely add looking at duvet covers while there tomorrow!!