Sunday, March 07, 2010

bike season!

I feel like bikes have been all the talk lately with me and my co-workers, maybe it's the arrival of beautiful weather that has us all yearning to bring them out of hibernation. Though I already own two bikes, if I were ever in the market for a #3, I found her.

Urban Outfitters has partnered with Republic Bike and allows you to customize their single speed Aristotle bikes to whatever color and size your heart desires.


  1. boo don't get bikes from urban outfitters there are better bikes out there!
    but didn't you hear ... New York has the best bike scene ever and seems to be the only city with bike races where you can have people moon you... haha & bike messengers!

  2. BUT IT'S SOOOO PRETTY! But, I agree, for $400 I could probably find something better.

  3. Probably? No, definitely! You could even build your own from the frame up to look like that one for cheaper!