Wednesday, March 03, 2010

lauren conrad for kohl's

I admit it, I have a tendency to turn my nose up at Kohl's until I go and remember some of the deals that can be had on some super cute lines. Joining the likes of Vera Wang, Lauren Conrad recently debuted her new line (I'm sure she calls it her more "affordable" line) in stores. There is a Kohl's near work that I sometimes wander on my lunch break to get away from the office. Like any store, I find it very hit or miss but today I was blown away. I think the main reason I am so drawn to her dresses is their length. I've become so accustom to the current trend of dangerously short hemlines that I forget how flattering a dress can be that hits right above the knee. The floral chiffon dress was my favorite. I didn't see the white, sequin sheath in the store but I love the cut.
Floral Chiffon Dress / Ruffled Dress / Sequin Sheath Dress Set / Motorcycle Jacket
All available in stores and online here

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  1. i've seen her commercials and was curious as to what it would look like. ... so this is good to know maybe i will check it out.