Monday, May 18, 2009

the curse of a rental

One of the downfalls of renting are the overwhelming white walls that I must live with. I have always relied on wall color to be the main focus of my rooms, but I have had to learn how to make the most of my furniture and accessories. In my own apartment I am far from succeeding when it comes to embracing white interiors but the following interiors get it just right. I hope that if I stare at them enough just an ounce of their loveliness might wear off on my own apartment.

I am finding the key might be pulling in white accessories to make the white look more planned. I notice that each of the pictures that I like have additional white elements in the room. I think I have always shied away from buying MORE white items, afraid that I would turn my apartment into too sterile an environment.

L: Sneak Peak of Malene Charles' home at Design*Sponge R: Home of Karly Depew on Design*Sponge

Clockwise: Design*Sponge Sneak Peak of Andrew Sidford's home, Desire to Inspire, Design*Sponge Sneak Peak of the home of Chad Maltby of Sandbox Studio.

From Desire to Inspire

From Desire to Inspire

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