Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a bit of a brown thumb

One family trait which I did not inherit is a green thumb. My mother's knack for killing plants was the butt of many jokes growing up, but next to me she is a regular Martha Stewart. The bf is quite the gardener, and when he visits he takes pity on my plants and tries to doctor them up. This past weekend, in addition to stocking up on plant food, I also added 2 new plants to my little, green family.

My new additions are a beautiful Sea Pink Splendens and a Stevia plant. I just love that the Splendens have grass along with it! It's just like having a little piece of yard inside!

We'll see how long I can keep them healthy.

the splendens

my Stevia plant

Maybe it's better if I just stick to my dried flowers.

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