Tuesday, March 27, 2012

inside my school bag

A new SCAD quarter just started yesterday and while it's still a tad organized I thought I'd share what I routinely have in my bag.

Clockwise from top left: I've given up on folders and resorted to these great envelopes because I was never one to keep them very tidy anyway. It has a great front pocket on each where I can keep my syllabus handy and it keeps everything in one spot. I always have my mini stapler, glue stick, and white-out on me. My calendar that I rely on to tell me everything. I usually have a couple rolls of washi tape in my bag somewhere because they are great for taping things into my sketchbooks or calendar. An assortment of pens and markers. I'm very loyal to my felt tip marker that I take notes with and it's essential to have large markers handy for brainstorming. My headphones, id card, and chapstick are always inside my wallet. Lately I've taken to carrying a large container of ibuprofen around. And lastly, an assortment of post-its. Very important, and I always find myself searching the bottom of my bag for them!

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  1. You'll be happy to know I spent some time this morning (not gonna tell you how much) replacing the ugly magnets on my office wall with my washi tape. Also, I looked in the refrigerator yesterday and realized I had used my washi tape once already-somehow Nathan used it to label a container of leftover coconut milk in the fridge.